Saccakiriya(An act of truth)



I’ll be waiting

I needed you today
To be hereĀ  ,
at may .
To motivate ,
To determine ,
To give hope ,
To leave a positive message ,
That all will be okay
But you weren’t here ,
It didn’t matter how much I tried to get you here ,
You won’t come here .
Busy somewhere in your own little world ,
Busy with your own thoughts ,
Busy with your own self ,
Busy in believing and seeing just what you want to ,
Please ignite ,
Leave past behind ,
See the future that’s your right ,
Hope you be here soon , sooner if it might .

That’s what I have tomorrow ,
Nothing have I studied ,
Nor do I feel like anymore .
I’ve given up
Given up on this soul ,
I’ve I’ve given up on this life ,
I’ve I’ve given up on trying ,
Coz all I’ve ever faced is failure , failure at the face .
I’ll be waiting ,
For you to come ,
For you to heal and heal me too ,
For you to come up and say I am happy with you,
For you to come up and say I aint being a burden on you ,
For you to come up and say that everything will be alright ,
For you to come up and say ‘I love you’ ,
I’ll be waiting for you ,
Till you don’t shine out bright
Reveal your inner light,
I’ll be waiting for you,
Day and night .