“A so called secular India”

                                 A thought processed : HARIOM SABHARWAL

We talk of India being an universal tolerant country.We call India profane.The constitution of India stipulates it to be secular.
From the outlook and as laid on papers, we are surely secular but are we actually the secular ?

Today I see issues everyday in newspapers, on TV, while scrolling through tweets which only makes me believe that secularism is just left in papers.

Taking Hindu-Muslim issues as mainstream to what I want to sway out , I see the issues soaring up day by day.

May it be related to Ram Mandir and Babri mosque or Beef ban or even the most recent issue which seems to be spreading out like forest fire on social media and many national channels. Which is about the tweet by a renowned singer Sonu Nigam who tweeted that hearing morning Azaanz is ‘ forced religiosness and spoke against loudspeakers and as he later mentioned he was talking about loudspeakers used by all religions mostly to say out prayers.

If today a Hindu can’t stand a 3 minute Azaan of a Muslim and a Muslim is inimical to various ‘jagratas and bhajans’ of Hindus then what actually is humiliated in the process is the secularism of India.

If today beef gets banned and prohibited just beacuse a religion proscribes it Is injustice to secularism in India.

If today a Hindu is ready to kill a muslim and a muslim wants to execute a Hindu over a petty issue like whose shrine to be built on the land then shame rolls on my mind to call our India as a secular country.

The old saying “united we stand, divided we fall” seems to have been forgotten. The disputed issues rise and inspite of solving the issues various politicians and to my surprise even the media houses and channels debate over, often take sides and favour or prejudice towards a community which leads to intrication of the issue.

People who actually play a vital role in carving the mind set of people usually politicians and media just collect vote banks or are simply concerned about their TRPs. They forget that they carry a power to actually solve an issue and show people the right direction.

The secularism needs to be resided in hearts and minds of people and once it is, it won’t matter if constitution mentions India to be secular or not.


College Diaries 

​There is a light to every shadow that falls . To every good heart you meet up with , there will be a little darkness following it. To every soft word you believe in there has somewhere been a sharp corner you’ve never seen before . For the time being let’s not worry about the graver future but the brighter on looking present and smile and cherish it . 

One thousand million chances

​Time they say heals everybody ,

but this time it burnt down houses of many. 

They say it sarcastically

and keep pouring fire heartless. 

Not once did they think 

would it kill them alongside. 

A broken link, 

fire in the cradle, 

a hole in the saddle, 
they sink low , the light taking it’s row 

the pain soaking them in 

all they asked for was one affectionate hug , 

only if there was one hug 

but they left the lyrics unscripted 

than give it a chance

a chance just to be a beautiful song 

but instead ,

they blew into the fire ,

making ashes , 

burning it all once and for all.

Ambitious clouds


Saw the whole picture ?
Isn’t it mesmerizing ?
But within it lies
A deeper meaning ,
Leaving starkness.
You see those clouds?
Defined amorphously .
You see that sun?
Fighting a war irritably.
You see those trees and that branch?
Darkening up inevitably.

Those clouds above
Look hungry ,
Waiting to feed in whatever way ,
But to fulfill its need,
To be the most mesmerizing.
The sun beclouded ,
Struggle with full strength ,
Finding a way to protect the sky ,
Fighting a war till dip-dry.
The trees
Scared of the happenings,
Hiding in darkness ,
In fear of mishappenings ,
Crying for brightness.

Each one is fussy ,
Busy in their individual worries ,
Not once they realise
Together their multiplied beauty ,
Together they make one
Together they hypnotise .

It all started with the clouds greed ,
Only if it understands his bad deeds ,
In race to win the most beautiful thingy,
It somewhere is loosing it’s beauty ,
Can there be peace ,
Unity amongst all
Or they together fall,
Destroying every kind ,
In line .
But only if the clouds learn to survive ,
Can there be harmony ,
Can they unite and come out as ridiculous beauty ,
Only if the clouds give up on its stupid ambitious need .


We could have had done better

only if you believed in us for once , we would still be together .

Wondering if you even loved

or did you use me all this while , you cheesy duck?

Was there ever even a ‘we’ for you

or was it always you and you, nincompoop!

Standing under the shade ,

you be pushing me in to fade ,

it’d been limits ,

I couldn’t let myself keep swimming in it .

Shrieking out my lungs ,

I made the dark go away

go away-go away ,

let me live from this day

you ain’t anybody to keep me pushing in.

You’re a dark tornado

I’ve blown away ,

let light in ,

I’ve to sparkle knee to chin .

It’s time to learn to be gay ,

you’re a horrible mistake .

One last thought contradicts the weather –

Is it in our fate to never be together

or is it my fate to never deserve you , ever?


Loose control and let the fire out!

Is it all true or are you
making me a nincompoop?
If I fall in love and you
break my heart
I’ll goddamn find the gun
point it on your temple and
make it fart .
I’ll find that sharp butchers knife and
end the sounds of your life !
‘Coz baby
I ain’t a plastic barbie doll you’ll play with ,
I ain’t a teddy bear you’ll be pulling the cotton out,
I ain’t a robot who ain’t got no feelings ,
I am entirely me ,
Yes goddamn human me !
I am an animal unseen ,
Yes I’ll wreck you if you try and cheat,
put you into boiling hot oil
until you feel double the pain you
gave, recoil and be
sorry for why you ever made me fall for you
if you just
had to leave at the end or
I’ll bury you alive in that soil alongside me
So beware now before you act in love with me
one heartbreak and your
blood is what I’ll drink !
Now baby
don’t ever play me ,
I am a psycho !
I’ll burn you along with me,
condemn you to hell while
I’ll sit and watch you regret ,
get sucked by devil,
get drenched in blood red,
making me fall for you then,
will be all that you’ll regret!