The letter



While I had been talking to a friend in class 12th( career deciding boards this year), he wished he wasn’t born in the richer society but in the farmer society .He recently had a heartbreak.
This is what I wrote for him –

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We could have had done better

only if you believed in us for once , we would still be together .

Wondering if you even loved

or did you use me all this while , you cheesy duck?

Was there ever even a ‘we’ for you

or was it always you and you, nincompoop!

Standing under the shade ,

you be pushing me in to fade ,

it’d been limits ,

I couldn’t let myself keep swimming in it .

Shrieking out my lungs ,

I made the dark go away

go away-go away ,

let me live from this day

you ain’t anybody to keep me pushing in.

You’re a dark tornado

I’ve blown away ,

let light in ,

I’ve to sparkle knee to chin .

It’s time to learn to be gay ,

you’re a horrible mistake .

One last thought contradicts the weather –

Is it in our fate to never be together

or is it my fate to never deserve you , ever?



You Walk In My Dreams


Being a poet ✌
Can you define this word ?
Have you ever lost a friend so close ?
I hope you never do
Coz it’s pain is the worse .
A lil piece of you so I remember you (:
Thank you for being a great friend .

love poem

I’ll be waiting

I needed you today
To be here  ,
at may .
To motivate ,
To determine ,
To give hope ,
To leave a positive message ,
That all will be okay
But you weren’t here ,
It didn’t matter how much I tried to get you here ,
You won’t come here .
Busy somewhere in your own little world ,
Busy with your own thoughts ,
Busy with your own self ,
Busy in believing and seeing just what you want to ,
Please ignite ,
Leave past behind ,
See the future that’s your right ,
Hope you be here soon , sooner if it might .

That’s what I have tomorrow ,
Nothing have I studied ,
Nor do I feel like anymore .
I’ve given up
Given up on this soul ,
I’ve I’ve given up on this life ,
I’ve I’ve given up on trying ,
Coz all I’ve ever faced is failure , failure at the face .
I’ll be waiting ,
For you to come ,
For you to heal and heal me too ,
For you to come up and say I am happy with you,
For you to come up and say I aint being a burden on you ,
For you to come up and say that everything will be alright ,
For you to come up and say ‘I love you’ ,
I’ll be waiting for you ,
Till you don’t shine out bright
Reveal your inner light,
I’ll be waiting for you,
Day and night .

love poem

The Simple Proposal

The first thought on you,
The first impression you gave ,
The first talk with you,
All made me so gay.

Had it not been for you,
Had it not been for the love you showed,
Had it not been for that care you gave,
I wouldn’t have been so moved today .

You make me feel proud
Of every choice I make
You’ve made me do that once again now ,
Proud of choosing you
To love , for life ,
Its just you , only you !