The letter

How am I supposed to speak . Busted with my throat Life at leak Lemme see wonders and runaways Months burned , drowned were the days They are served bread butter While some die in gutter I saw another self Lost somewhere deep This time forever going too steep It left jitters until they Found... Continue Reading →



While I had been talking to a friend in class 12th( career deciding boards this year), he wished he wasn't born in the richer society but in the farmer society .He recently had a heartbreak. This is what I wrote for him - Let's snap back to reality We ain't a farmers family Though we... Continue Reading →


We could have had done better only if you believed in us for once , we would still be together . Wondering if you even loved or did you use me all this while , you cheesy duck? Was there ever even a 'we' for you or was it always you and you, nincompoop! Standing... Continue Reading →

I’ll be waiting

I needed you today To be here  , at may . To motivate , To determine , To give hope , To leave a positive message , That all will be okay But you weren't here , It didn't matter how much I tried to get you here , You won't come here . Busy... Continue Reading →

The Simple Proposal

The first thought on you, The first impression you gave , The first talk with you, All made me so gay. Had it not been for you, Had it not been for the love you showed, Had it not been for that care you gave, I wouldn't have been so moved today . You make... Continue Reading →

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