Know, I love you

Oh I just couldn’t do it,
you make me do the duet,
with kiss on the lips,and
loose hips to the clicks.

I never ever thought of loving you but
still I’d dance for you, and
fancy whatever you do,
all and only because you knew how things flew.

How undesirable life was
I never knew, until today
because I cherish saying yes to you
for you are that break-through.

Stirring within me ,
the feeling of care, concern and love,
thank god I said it while the fruit was ripe,
that feeling for you keeps me alive.

There was a time , never bothered to look at you,
now , just want to stare continuous,
because I’ve realized you’re worth it,
I am such a maniac, took so long to listen to the internal delirious.

When you’re in front of me,
Stomach mutters loud there he comes
see yourself within him
and how much he has you in ducks and drakes.

Moments with you are treasures,
I’ll be taking strong measures,
to keep you here forever,
won’t let you drift over.
Never bid adieu,  I love you !