Apocalypse (I)

Galactic apocalypse like the one we saw in star wars or be it earth coming to an end like they said it would in 2012 (bleh!) ; these events poppin’ out with bang on promotions and people freaking out ; but..

Why does it happen that when it’s an internal apocalypse, nobody makes a sound? Nobody cries out or nobody helps with a cure, a way to heal the torn ?

This is how I began . This is how day 1 came to being . The day it all tore , the day I let off my voice to an apocalypse that would burn down every elemental bone inside.

This is a peak into thoughts that have raveled me , made me strong , thoughts that reveal an abrupt story within this little stone wall.

The first 100 days through , this is my story..

5|The world is a small place where the distances are big.
Someday the distances will cease to exist and then everything will fall into place.

7|While you’ll crave the physical touch of being in a relationship, I’ll walk away from you loosing all the emotional egde. ( I smiled to this thought . Such an evil! )

14|” Who are you? ”
Caliginous enigma.

( That’s my Instagram handle in case you happen to be hitting the stone )

16|Be your shades and tones of black and white . Show them who you are over keeping it inside and adjusting for them.
Only If they can handle your burns , tag along ; else move on.

(.. and I took my baby steps towards nonchalance )

21|Has it always been about short dresses and a body ? Has it been about making out , sex for affection or has it been all about being close so you could touch the skin outside?
Has it always been about what you want or has is just been about how you want ? Have you always been about lying or have you always been lying ?
I wonder – have you ever really loved ?

26|Will I be surprised tomorrow or is tomorrow my imagination, a hoax ?

28|Now , I’ve left a mark. Now , you know me.

42|I love when he wishes me some beautiful lines at every hour of the day. I love when he creates voices to make me laugh. I love when he doesn’t let me go to bed angry and stays up just to fix everything. I love when he wakes me up in the morning with a whole lot of greetings. I love when he laughs continuously. Believe me, that can make flowers grow. I love when his eyes sparkle after taking me in his arms. I love when he shows his care for me in the crowd. I love when he puts his finger on my lips to cease me from saying something unfortunate. I love when he pulls me closer and kisses me with all he has. I love when he compliments me on my dress. I love when he agrees to my choice of food. I love when we go on those perfect dates which seems to be scenes from those perfect romantic movies. I love those soft kisses on the cheek. I love when he teases me without really meaning it. I love when he blushes and gets awkwardly nervous at my sight. I love his voice at 3am on the call. I love when his hands play those guitar strings effortlessly. I love how he never mentions my scars and marks.
I love him. You’ve had my heart in your hands , all crushed now.

I loved him.

45| Maybe , this enigma is my mystery
Judged , broken , pampered and

46|You’re the one breaking your own heart. Stop feeling for a while , become cold and suddenly life would seem just like once before. Don’t bar yourself into the prison of this chill , bring yourself out but slowly and cautiously . Then , shout out to the world : am I breaking – No ! Can you be breaking me any more – No ! Can I take you along with my memories as a salted wound – No. 
It’ll be a pink scar , fainting through time , you’ll heal . Maybe someday come back together when the intentions and time is right but for the while ‘let it go’ .

48|Loving the light is easy but what about darkness – can you stay for the darkness that exists or will your existence always depend on shortcuts ?

60|The fact that I’m winning this race will burn your player and plastic attitute to ashes . Only this time, I’ll be loving the game than whine over your petty amateur and smoking needs.

72|Even hell can get comfy once you’ve settled in , watch her burn and dissolve.

89|Can I gently fade away with the waves or should I throw in your emotionally materialistic wants first?

104| ” You deserve a life that you’re proud of living. A life that makes you feel fulfilled. A life that makes you realize how much you mean to this world. “

Smile , not because you need to show it to the world but smile because you deserve to be happy , to cherish your own being , to be kissed by your own soul.

… a story you tried to command , an essence of power I’ll pour through my pen.


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