Ambitious clouds


Saw the whole picture ?
Isn’t it mesmerizing ?
But within it lies
A deeper meaning ,
Leaving starkness.
You see those clouds?
Defined amorphously .
You see that sun?
Fighting a war irritably.
You see those trees and that branch?
Darkening up inevitably.

Those clouds above
Look hungry ,
Waiting to feed in whatever way ,
But to fulfill its need,
To be the most mesmerizing.
The sun beclouded ,
Struggle with full strength ,
Finding a way to protect the sky ,
Fighting a war till dip-dry.
The trees
Scared of the happenings,
Hiding in darkness ,
In fear of mishappenings ,
Crying for brightness.

Each one is fussy ,
Busy in their individual worries ,
Not once they realise
Together their multiplied beauty ,
Together they make one
Together they hypnotise .

It all started with the clouds greed ,
Only if it understands his bad deeds ,
In race to win the most beautiful thingy,
It somewhere is loosing it’s beauty ,
Can there be peace ,
Unity amongst all
Or they together fall,
Destroying every kind ,
In line .
But only if the clouds learn to survive ,
Can there be harmony ,
Can they unite and come out as ridiculous beauty ,
Only if the clouds give up on its stupid ambitious need .


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