While I had been talking to a friend in class 12th( career deciding boards this year), he wished he wasn’t born in the richer society but in the farmer society .He recently had a heartbreak.
This is what I wrote for him –

Let’s snap back to reality
We ain’t a farmers family
Though we wish we were
Now that we ain’t
That we are a modern city family
Let’s adjust our ways and hays
Stay gay
Life will suck
But we need to see our luck
Career is strong ahead
All we need now is strength , confidence , self love
Be the dove
Which always has that green leaf
And not be deaf to what we have,
Let’s cherish the beauty of what we have than what we don’t ,
There are many out there who don’t even get what we do
Who crave for what we have
See there struggle
Auto rickshaw guys’ son is topping exams
Milkman’s son is India’s top junior golfer now
And much much more
Why let go off what we have got just because of a few incidents ,
Are we a use and throw material to ourselves ?
Are we testing and trying ourselves ?
We need to stop
Stop and look at what we’re doing
Just give yourself another chance
Love yourself
You have to believe it
In you
In self love
In whatever you parents have gone through to bring you where you are today
Do it for them
Do it for them
No don’t let yourself get away


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