Ambitious clouds

Saw the whole picture ? Isn't it mesmerizing ? But within it lies A deeper meaning , Overshadowing, Leaving starkness. You see those clouds? Defined amorphously . You see that sun? Fighting a war irritably. You see those trees and that branch? Darkening up inevitably. Those clouds above Look hungry , Waiting to feed in... Continue Reading →


The letter

How am I supposed to speak . Busted with my throat Life at leak Lemme see wonders and runaways Months burned , drowned were the days They are served bread butter While some die in gutter I saw another self Lost somewhere deep This time forever going too steep It left jitters until they Found... Continue Reading →


While I had been talking to a friend in class 12th( career deciding boards this year), he wished he wasn't born in the richer society but in the farmer society .He recently had a heartbreak. This is what I wrote for him - Let's snap back to reality We ain't a farmers family Though we... Continue Reading →

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