Apocalypse (I)

Galactic apocalypse like the one we saw in star wars or be it earth coming to an end like they said it would in 2012 (bleh!) ; these events poppin' out with bang on promotions and people freaking out ; but.. Why does it happen that when it's an internal apocalypse, nobody makes a sound?... Continue Reading →


“A so called secular India”

A thought processed : HARIOM SABHARWAL We talk of India being an universal tolerant country.We call India profane.The constitution of India stipulates it to be secular. From the outlook and as laid on papers, we are surely secular but are we actually the secular ? Today I see issues everyday in newspapers, on TV, while scrolling... Continue Reading →

The magic of a soft touch could never be changed.A forever bond was made. A true bond thus began.

There are people who fall in love with the outer beauty but he was the one who fell in love with her inner beauty . She was a queen inside while she acted like a princess outside. To him, she was a gem. To all the girls out there , love yourself because you're a queen and not just a princess. To all the guys outside - fall for the person inside her than the person she normally stays.

They are looking at me. They'll take care of me. They'll never cloud me. They'll always be around to kiss me to sleep. There'll be a timr when a mother's hug will be all that I'll need and I'll get it through these dancing twilights .

Sometimes, you just want to leave everything behind, leave the darkness that resides. This is the time when you begin afresh, shining bright once again.

College Diaries 

​There is a light to every shadow that falls . To every good heart you meet up with , there will be a little darkness following it. To every soft word you believe in there has somewhere been a sharp corner you've never seen before . For the time being let's not worry about the... Continue Reading →

One thousand million chances

​Time they say heals everybody , but this time it burnt down houses of many.  They say it sarcastically and keep pouring fire heartless.  Not once did they think  would it kill them alongside.  A broken link,  fire in the cradle,  a hole in the saddle,  they sink low , the light taking it's row ... Continue Reading →

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